Hunting Unlimited 2009

Hunting Unlimited 2009

Hunting Unlimited 2009 is a hunting game for playing in our PC
3.7  (39 votes)

Hunting Unlimited 2009 is a hunting game for playing in our PC. We can buy this program online or download it from the developer's website and try it for free for 30 days. Unlike the ancient cavemen with their rudimentary hunting tools we are set up in the present time in North America and we can hunt 17 different animals, including Timberwolves, mountain lions, elks, turkeys, mule deer, grizzly bears, whitetail deer, moose, etc., with a whole arsenal with up to 28 different weapons to choose from, traveling from the sunny South to the frozen North across the whole country, and go on a safari in Africa. The landscape and views are very realistic. Our mouse acts as our camera and by moving it we go have 360 degrees views. There are several stages we must complete before going to the next level. We are allowed to customize our clothes, the animals, weapons, places, or play it at random mode. If we own a Hunting Unlimited game we can register at the developer’s website and play online against others members in any tournament already created or we can create our own for them to join in. There is a trophy for the best one. We can see the two high scores tables for individual players and groups (or clans).

Review summary


  • Free Demo available
  • Colourfull and realistic scenaries
  • No living creature is harmed


  • It takes a long time to download
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